MK_Speaking4-1200 The research supporting the adoption of a plant-based diet is more substantial than many people realize. Having met many people over the years who were excited about the idea of research related to diet and disease but did not know where to find or how to interpret original, peer-reviewed research papers, Micaela knew this was a void that needed to be filled. Drawing from the online resource PlantBasedResearch.org, which she founded and manages as a database of original, peer-reviewed research studies relevant to plant-based nutrition, Micaela speaks to reach a broad audience interested in plant-based diets.

Upcoming Talks

In her lectures Micaela conveys the excitement of original, peer-reviewed research supporting the adoption of a plant-based diet, as well as behavior change strategies that make that dietary shift successful and permanent. Her goal in speaking is to stimulate awareness and interest among the public and within the academic and medical communities.

Speaking Topics

New presentations can be created specific to an event or particular audience, but a sample of various topics is as follows:

An Evidence Review Of Randomized Controlled Trials Using Plant-Based Nutrition.

While new research is continually published, the depth and breadth of evidence supporting the adoption of a plant-based diet is largely unknown. This presentation provides a thorough inventory of previous research, by topic and by study design, tallying the robust base of evidence and identifying knowledge gaps for future work.

Switching To A Plant-Based Diet and Successfully Sticking With It: How To Make Dietary Change Permanent.

Behavior change, especially dietary change, can be challenging but we do have evidence on what makes it easier to maintain. This talk summarizes the relevant research and provides practical strategies people can implement to make their dietary choices sustainable in the long-term, graceful, and easy.

How Do I Know What To Believe? A Road Map For Sifting Through Health News.

There is much health news in the media that is based on real information but that has been taken out of context or distorted by the time it reaches the consumer. This talk is an interactive training to help consumers make sense of health news.


Speaking Invitations

To invite Micaela to speak, please contact Linda Konner at ldkonner@cs.com.

Presentations are always evidence-based but are tailored to make them appealing for both scientific and lay audiences in a way that’s suitable for any group.